A.S.S.A.T. – Aggregate Suicide Safety Assessment Tool.

The first product of its kind worldwide, ASSAT promises to provide a more highly informed and targeted response to suicide in local communities. It is an Artificial Intelligence software tool for communities and organisations to assess their current response to suicide, build on their strengths and address gaps in services. It implements tailored strategies and equips key individuals in order to improve the over-all suicide safety of the community.
The software allows users to obtain a real time risk assessment that considers a wide range of contributing factors and the complex effect they have in aggregate. It can be implemented for an individual, an organisation or a geographic region.

The Tool is an online survey and data collection mechanism enabling users, in a variety of settings, to reflect upon their suicide safety in relation to Suicide Safety Standards (currently in development). The Suicide Safety Assessment Tool incorporates an intelligent adaptive algorithm that uses survey responses to generate subsequent questions appropriate to the user.

The Assessment Tool may be used for informal purposes of self-reflection including the identification of strengths and areas of concern to be addressed in accordance with the recommendations offered in a report generated following the completion of the questionnaire.
A.S.S.A.T can be used as a part of a holistic prevention/intervention response in conjunction with the Suicide Safer Communities Framework and Sherlock Assessment Matrix.

Once an overall strategic response has been implemented Suicide Safety can be maintained at very low ongoing cost. International SSC accreditation is then also available on an annual basis (subject to audit minimum safety standards)