Be Aware – a 1hr program in general suicide awareness providing basic information and Keep Safe Tips for helping someone with thoughts of suicide. Suitable for ages 15+.

H.E.L.P. – an interactive half-day workshop for adults 16+ in suicide alertness and basic intervention skills using activities, videos and practice.

H.E.L.P. More -an interactive 1 day program teaching suicide prevention and intervention skills. This workshop explores suicide from the perspective of both the person with thoughts of suicide and the Helper using activities, videos and practice.

BE-SAFE – an interactive 1hr program for students in Years 8 and above teaching suicide alertness and self-helping skills including activities and video tools.

K.Y.S.S. – an interactive preventative 3hr workshop for students age 8 to 12yrs focusing on resilience; when and how to ask for help; who to go to for help; building hope and basic mindfulness skills for young people using activities and video tools.