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With several decades experience working in the suicide prevention sector,  we focus on improving the mental wellbeing and safety of Australia and the world.

A number of world leading suicide prevention research and development projects have been developed and implemented over the past decade

Suicide Safer Communities is expanding its reach across the globe of reducing the burden of suicide in terms of preventing the tragic loss of life, reducing the emotional toll suicide behaviour takes on both survivors and those left behind and the economic cost to the community at large. This is being achieved by developing strategic frameworks and programs specifically tailored to the relevant cultural contexts of each country and by adding to the ever-increasing body of global suicide prevention research knowledge.

Drew Gormlie


Debra Croft

  • 25 years’ experience in financial services, community services and the strategic implementation of prevention programs internationally
  • More than 10 years experience in Suicide Prevention program delivery
  • Founder/ Director of Life! Central Services providing programs and services for up to 9000 individuals weekly.
  • Founder/ Director of LÁrte Central Ltd. Social Enterprise café and creative space providing opportunities for reconnection for individuals that have become isolated from the community.
  • Owner of Black Ink Holdings, HelpNet, and Sherlock Intelligence Systems.  Intellectual property rights holding companies for prevention and intervention products and services.
  • Previous director of Preventing Suicide in Youth.  The largest youth focussed social media (peer supported) suicide prevention page in the world.
  • Internationally sought after key note speaker with extensive experience in Asia, Pacific.and the Middle East
  • Oversight of strategic delivery of largest prevention framework in schools in Southern Hemisphere including programs recognised by UNESCO and WHO.
  • Background in general counselling and youth work with kids on the streets.
  • Began working in suicide prevention training in 1996 (24+ years)
  • Commenced training the ADF (as a civilian contractor) at HMAS Cerberus in 1997 which then became a national ADF training program
  • In 2004 began training internationally (USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, NZ, Japan, Guam) and doing extensive training for the US Military
  • Over the last 24 years been involved with training Lifeline, Dept of Health and Human Services, Police, Country Fire Authority, Ambulance Victoria, Salvation Army, Launch Housing, Relationships Australia, Mission Australia, Dept of Justice among many others.
  • 2010-2012 was appointed by the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention to the role of Suicide Prevention Community Coordinator for a region in Western Australia that covered more than 750,000 sq klms.
  • In 2014-2017 was federally funded along with LifeCentral to implement Suicide Safer Schools Project in secondary schools in the southeast of Melbourne.
  • Currently rolling out various suicide prevention programs and strategic frameworks in India and Malaysia. These programs are specifically developed and tailored to the unique cultures of these countries.
  • Have also been involved over the last decade with training veterans through DVA funding for suicide prevention training
  • Recently offered an Adjunct Professorship with Federation University

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