Thomas Joiner

THOMAS JOINER went to college at Princeton and received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. He is The Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University (FSU). Dr. Joiner’s work is on the psychology, neurobiology, and treatment of suicidal behavior and related conditions. Author of over 745 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Joiner is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal /Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior/, and was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. He received the Dublin Award for career achievement in suicide research from the American Association of Suicidology, as well as research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and Department of Defense (DoD). The Lawton Professorship and the Dublin Award are the single highest honors bestowed, respectively, by FSU and the American Association of Suicidology. In 2017, he was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and in 2019, was given the 2020 James McKeen Cattell Award for lifetime contributions to the area of applied psychological research from the Association for Psychological Science.

He is a consultant to NASA’s Human Research Program, and is the Director of the DoD-funded Military Suicide Research Consortium, a $70 million project.

Dr. Joiner has authored or edited eighteen books, including /Why People Die By Suicide/, published in 2005 by Harvard University Press, and /Myths About Suicide/, published in 2010, also with Harvard University Press. The book /Mindlessness: The Corruption of Mindfulness in a Culture of Narcissism/, came out in 2017, from Oxford. He runs a part-time clinical and consulting practice specializing in, among other topics, suicidal behavior, including legal consultation on suits involving death by suicide.

Hugh Marquis

Former owner of Network Neighbourhood and CEO of Transformational Leadership Australia

Hugh now continues to spend his time on helping transform businesses; consulting, delivering transformational leadership courses, international social enterprise projects and community transformation initiatives

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Peter Ziggy

Peter Ziggy is CEO of 3P Corporation , (Home Office, St. Kilda Rd., Melbourne)  is a holistic wealth creator, author and entrepreneur. He has a passion for the human side of money and is driven by his organisation’s motto “PASSION for PEOPLE to PROSPER”.

“Wealth creation is a real privilege – you’re delving into all aspects of a person’s life – from wealth, health and relationships. I really enjoy hearing how people are doing life… their challenges, their celebrations and their disappointments – and to be a part of their journey is the ultimate reward.”

Ziggy’s passion  to simplify the process of  wealth creation is manifested in  his book, Money DOES Grow on Trees. Ziggy also hosted a finance segment on Foxtel of the same name where he delved into various financial strategies and topics to help educate the viewers.  He also appears weekly on Melbourne radio station 89.9TheLight in a segment called “Money Mondays”.

Eugene Wong

Eugene is a cultural engagement strategist who has been actively engaged in contributing to our development and cheering us on over the last 5 or 6 years

Formerly the head of Candlelight productions he also oversaw the clean comedy venue at the Melbourne Comedy festival

He now heads up A Stronger Narrative Helping individuals and organisations to maximise their influence

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Ford Taylor

Ford is a very successful businessman who is the founder of Transformational Leadership (TL)
and FSH Strategy Consulting LLC.

He delivers training and provides consulting around the world.   He has also developed the Eden Life Centre in Crestview Hills Kentucky focussing on health and wellness

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Rex Hartley

Rex has founded and established Webtrim a highly subscribed job management program for the motor vehicle industry.  He also is a passionate supporter and chairs the board of our social enterprise café and art gallery LÁrte Central that endeavours to help people who are marginalised or at risk reintegrate into community and the workforce.

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